• 1. Do TIVOLI Knit garments for sale?

    No. We only knit garments for display at our stockists. Individual stockists may be able to put you in touch with an experienced knitter, whom would either help you with your knitting techniques or even knit the design for you.

    However our Tivoli Knitwear range includes designer handknits which are similar to some of our knitting patterns. To see stockists of Tivoli Knitwear, go to the Tivoli Knitwear page and click on stockists.

  • 2. Can I purchase Designs and Yarn direct from TIVOLI?

    No. We only supply via our stockists. However if you have difficulty in finding patterns at your local wool stockist, you may order Patterns only from Tivoli directly, by sending a cheque or money order for €2.95 for each pattern you require and a stamped addressed A4 envelope.

  • 3. How can I make sure that my garment will be the correct size?

    Always knit a tension square as instructed on the design.
    If your tension square is too big, try again on thinner needles.
    If your tension square is too small, try again on thicker needles.

  • 4. What is the difference between round () and square [] brackets in the knitting instructions?

    The figures within the square brackets are a section of the instruction which needs to be repeated.There will be a number following the brackets which tells you how many times to repeat that section.If a design has more than one size the instructions for the first size are shown in front of a round bracket. The remaining sizes are shown within the round brackets.Before you start knitting we suggest that you read through the instructions and circle each figure given for the size you wish to make. This makes the design easier for you to read.

  • 5. Where is my nearest stockist?

    You can find your nearest stockist by clicking onto Tivoli Yarn Stockists page.

  • 6. Which yarns knit to which pattern?

    The designs usually state if they can be knitted in alternative yarns. If you would like to know if an alternative TIVOLI yarn may be used please check with your local stockist.

  • 7. Why does the design say that I have to use TIVOLI yarn?

    All our designs are mathematically checked to fit exact sizes and tension.We cannot help you if you have any problems trying to knit our designs using other manufacturers yarn.

  • 8. What is the best way to look after my knitwear?

    There are care instructions printed on the ballbands of your wool, to ensure your garment keeps it’s quality, you must follow these instructions accurately.

  • 9. What are the metric equivalents to UK needles sizes?

    Knitting Needles
    English No. Metric American
    13 2.25 1
    12 2.75 2
    11 3.0 >
    10 3.25 3
    9 3.75 5
    8 4.0 6
    7 4.5 7
    6 5.0 8
    5 5.5 9
    4 6.0 10
    3 6.5 10.5
    2 7.0 >
    1 7.5 >
    0 8.0 11
    00 9.0 13
    000 10.0 15


    English No. Metric American
    14 2.0 B/1
    12 2.5 C/2
    10 3.0 D/3
    9 3.5 E/4
    8 4.0 F/5
    7 4.5 G/6
    6 5.0 H/8
    5 5.5 I/9
    4 6.0 J/10
    2 7.0 K/10

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